Lyttleton Watercross / Auto show / Freestyle display

Lyttleton Watercross / Auto show / Freestyle display

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The Watercross is a 2.5 km circut for the runabout classes and 1.0 km courses for the pole skis

Classes : Runabout 1049 , runabout N/A, Rurnabout open 

                  Poleski Junior , Poleski Lites , Poleski open 

 Entry fee is $60 if a club member , non clubmers have to fill out a day licence $20 plus enrty fee 

$20 of entry fee is donated  to the Coastgaurd 


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Entry Information

The CJSC welcome you to the Lyttleton watercross  This year we are holding the event at Naval Point in Lytteton.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our event sponsors and those sponsors who continue to support The Canterbury Jet Sports Club and the Sport of Personal Watercraft Racing.


Scrutineering will take place at Navel point boat ramp with entrants to be signed in by 10 am with scritineering at 11 am





We look forward to seeing you there.  CJSC

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