Course Layout

CJSC Course Layout Jan 2021


  • Grey line signifies track and outside track from split at white+red buoy.
  • White line signifies inside course.
  • Bright Green Line is best around outside of course, if you are unsure go around the outside.
  • Blue buoys are pickup buoys.  If you miss a buoy during a race you don't turn round for it you use the blue pickup bouy near end of lap to give a time penalty for the short cut caused by missing a buoy.
  • Log jump, Pole Skis doing log jump follow Grey detour line, other racers follow white line.  Log Jump not always installed.
  • 5 Knot Slow Zone, to create a safe area around the trailers parked in the water and allow lake users a safe way of getting on and off of trailers there is a length of white buoys with large red buoys at either end.  This is a 5 knot zone with 1 direction of travel.  When going to your trailer you must come from the outside track and head straight into the slow zone, do not go past the entry and then back track to the zone or cross the line of bouys.  When exiting the zone and starting the track please enter further around the course.  The minimum exit and entry path is shown on the course map to the left.
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