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Junior Development Regulations

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Junior Development is a class for 10-15 year olds interested in the sport of Jet Ski racing.  CJSC in conjuction with NZJSBA and the Harbour Master have created a program to allow riders under the age of 15 to pilot a ski under strict conditions set out by this program.

How to Join

For your 10-15 year old to be eligible to join the Junior Development Program they must complete a course.  We currently organise a course when we have 3 Juniors ready to do it.  If you are interested please get in touch with the club to discuss this more.

Junior Development Times

There are set times when Juniors are able to practice at the lake.  See the Table below for these times.  During these times Juniors will take turns inbetween normal members on the lake.  eg Juniors ride for 15mins followed by other members riding for 15mins.  Please have a chat with each other when at the lake during these times and share the lake as required.  NOTE: School Holiday times on apply for Holidays between terms not the Summer holidays between Term 4 to Term 1.

Start Finish
Wed 4pm 6pm
Sat 9am 12pm
Sun 10am 12pm
School Holidays
Mon-Fri 10am 5pm