South Island Jet Sports Summer Tour

The Canterbury Jet Sports Summer Series is run in accordance with the International Jet Sports Boating Association current rule book and any supplementary rules 


Schedule of Events

1 pm Registration and Scruitineering/safety checks
All Competitors should be onsite no later than 9am. Your ski and gear will be check at first round and then sampling at random will take place at following events. It is your responsiblity to maintain your gear and ski to the correct standard.
1 30 pm Gear Up/Riders Briefing
Once your registration and scruitineering has been completed you are to get your skis ready gear on and be awaiting the riders briefing callout.
10am - 10.30am Approximate time that racing will start.
7 pm BBQ / Refreshments

Race Licenses

All competitors must be a current member of CJSC or apply for a day license when competing at a club event. If competing at a sanctioned event you can apply for licenses at any NZJSBA sanctioned event/South Island Tour event.

  • Full NZJSBA Race License (Nov – Oct): $150.00
  • Second Family Member: $100.00
  • Junior Competitor: $100
  • Club Day License: $20
  • If you are applying for a license for the first time please bring along a photocopy of photo ID plus the original matching ID for officials to view.    
  • If you are under 18yrs, your license Must be signed by a parent or guardian


Race Entry Fees

  • Fees vary for differnt events please contact CJSC for further info



You MUST hold a full license to compete at the New Zealand Nationals Event.

For more information contact: Canterbury Jet Sport Club