South Island Jet Sports Winter Tour

The CJSC Jet Sports Winter series is run in accordance with the International Jet Sports Boating Association current rule book and any supplementary rules 

2023 CJSC Winter Series

Lyttleton Watercross - Auto show / Freestyle display Lyttelton Boat ramp Chch 22/10/23


Schedule of Events

10am Sign in
All competitors required to be at Navel Point Boat ramp by 10 am
10-11 am Scruitineering/safety check of ski and riders safety equipment
Your ski is given a safety check and your safety equipment including life jacket and helmet are checked for wear and tear.
11 am Riders Briefing
Competitors riding at each event MUST attend riders briefing. The official race director will brief you on the course and any safety aspects.
12 pm Daily race schedule commences.

Race Licenses

Entrants must be current CJSC member or complete a day licence


You MUST hold a full license to compete at the New Zealand Nationals Event.

For more information contact: Canterbury Jet Sport Club

South Island Winter Series

South Island Winter Series

South Island Winter Series

South Island Winter Series